Sunday, December 20, 2009

All I want

for Christmas (if by some lucky chance I find myself free of bills and responsibilities) are those lust-worthy items below! Excuse me but, I'm currently having a black moment  :P. However, I CAN live without which is why I have no wishlist for the holidays except that I and those around me make it through another year. I rather spend my time with & $$ on my loved ones which I'm very lucky to have =)). I'm much more of a giver than taker anyways (even tho I'm finding more things for myself than others while Xmas shopping =/).

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heads Will Roll...

I've been backed up with school work ALLLLLL week (writing this term paper with a serious case of writer's block & dealing with an incompetent professor who can't even conduct an online course properly smh). And its a shame I'm this stressed because, I'm taking alot less classes this semester than last. Thank God finals week is here!

For all my shoe junkies, I figured I'd share my lastest shoe purchase. For some reason I used to hate ALDO (during my kicks/flats era) but now I absolutely love them. I've yet to wear these but I broke them in walkin around the bf's apt and honestly, they're not as painful as they look :P. Of course walking around in the house vs. on pavement feels totally different. Here's a vid, since I keep forgetting to charge my camera.... Don't know where my minds been lately. Anywhoo Enjoy =)).

Rosemore Platform Pumps, ALDO.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I HATE snow. I don't care what it represents (Christmas, days off from school, etc), I hate it! All it means to me is shoveling my driveway every other day & freezing my butt off no matter how much I bundle up =(( The only upside is looking cute doing it all (if thats really a plus at all). So as the first snowfall in NY begins, so does my search for the perfect winter wool coat. Here are my favs for the season. A few are outta my range but a chick can dream....Right?? ::crosses fingers on the Burberry::

  1) Karen Miller Graphic Stripe Coat  2) Asos Bow Back Coat  3) Burberry Multi-tier Coat  4) Mackage Tessy Coat

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M

The French fashion designer has collaborated with H&M for a lingerie collection which includes silk, satin, and velvet pieces, creating a more lavish look for H&M lounge wear. The collection will hit H&M stores worldwide on December 5, 2009.

In other news: Feeling wasted. And I don't mean drunk. I did absolutely NOTHING today. The slow of productivity on my off days (from school and work) is unbecoming of me. There's something about not using each day to my full advantage that irks the hell out of me.....::shuts down laptop...searches for stimulation:::

Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M