Saturday, December 12, 2009

Heads Will Roll...

I've been backed up with school work ALLLLLL week (writing this term paper with a serious case of writer's block & dealing with an incompetent professor who can't even conduct an online course properly smh). And its a shame I'm this stressed because, I'm taking alot less classes this semester than last. Thank God finals week is here!

For all my shoe junkies, I figured I'd share my lastest shoe purchase. For some reason I used to hate ALDO (during my kicks/flats era) but now I absolutely love them. I've yet to wear these but I broke them in walkin around the bf's apt and honestly, they're not as painful as they look :P. Of course walking around in the house vs. on pavement feels totally different. Here's a vid, since I keep forgetting to charge my camera.... Don't know where my minds been lately. Anywhoo Enjoy =)).

Rosemore Platform Pumps, ALDO.


  1. Aren't the shoes amazing! They are super comfy. I hope you enjoy wearing them. Good luck with finals.

  2. Those are so cute. This is the second blog I've visited with someone just buying these shoes:)