Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Help Is Needed: Earthquake devastates Haiti

Yesterday, a 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti just outside of Port-au-Prince (the country's capital). Although the amount of casualties are unknown at this moment, thousands are without food, clothing, shelter and medical care. So many have come together already including nationwide/international organizations as well as communities throughout the United States. Please play a part in helping Haiti duiring this tragic time. It does not have to be monetary. Donate your time and effort, clothing, or food. All help is appreciated.

Here are a list  of LEGIT Organizations accepting donations:

Text to donate:
To Wyclef Jean's Yele Organization- text YELE to 501501  (A $5 charge will appear on your cell phone bill)

To The American Red Cross- text HAITI to 90999 (A $10 charge will appear on your cell phone bill)

**Please do your homework before donating. There are scam charities who look to profit off of people looking to help victims in need.

**Update visit  or call 800-521-2273

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