Sunday, January 10, 2010

StyleFile: Ms. Berry

I think its safe to say everyone is impatiently waiting on spring/summer. And after looking at celeb pics from their holiday vacays, I'm in despreate need of one myself. But as spring SLOWLY approaches, I'm looking to add some playful yet understated pieces to my wardrobe. Constantly captured in candids is Halle Berry's casual style. I like her ability to put together chic & effortless fits. Armed with a pair of heels or statement handbag, she can transfrom any fit from relaxed to sexy.

                                *sighs* How I wish we could fast forward through the next few months.....


  1. I just love Miss Berry's looks she's so sexy whatever she wears!Great blog sweety-LOVE it!

  2. halle berry is def a style icon*

    (( im following ))